Charlie’s Outfits

Effing Love her. No questions asked

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How did she not know that it was Tony and Bruce??

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this was probably one of my all time favorite scenes. <3

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if you think your family is dysfunctional remember that zeus got a woman pregnant but she burned to death so he rescued the fetus from her ashes and sewed it into his thigh and gave birth to it himself and that fetus is now the god of wine and sexual deviancy god bless

My great aunt stabbed her husband in the stomach on their anniversary and he decided not to divorce her because he didn’t want a custody battle over the goats.

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Jack, you little troublemaker you… ;)

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season 8 + dean being annoyingly adorable

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Every Supernatural opening (including the anime and the special ones)

It feels so good to see my hard work finished! :)

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